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    Hello Ben,

> That code looks fine. It'll work with int sizes up to 32 bits, but it
> doesn't assume them. That part of the conditional handles ints bigger
> than the 16-bit maxint, and simply won't ever be executed on a
> 16-bit-int machine.
    Yes, I noticed that, but at the same time it seemed to be an
indication of the fact that an int is regarded as a 32-bit value.
While this doesn't create any problems with the particular piece of
code I mentioned, it might not be the case in other places in the
> IIRC, there are people using Lua on 16-bit embedded systems with no
> problems at all.
    This is really reassuring. I was getting ready to sed the sources
a bit, but it is so much better to keep them as they are :)
    Thank you,

    Bogdan M.