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Bogdan Marinescu wrote:

I'm trying to compile lua 5.0.2 for a CPU that has sizeof(int)==2,
instead of 4. While trying to compile the lua core, I got the
following warning:

[Warning(ccom):lobject.c,line 62] this comparison is always false
===> if (x >= 0x00010000) {
[Warning(ccom):lobject.c,line 63] this comparison is always false
===> if (x >= 0x01000000) return log_8[((x>>24) & 0xff) - 1]+24;
In Lua 5.1 (work4) this seems to have been updated and should work with 16-bit ints. Lua is written with portability in mind but I don't know if there are any other gotchas around.