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s> This post is VERY useful to me: a heap of issues are raised
s> and some possible solutions indicated. Thanks!!

and both Ricis and your posting was quite helpful to me, so thanks
from me, too. Eventhough yours was a bit pessimistic. It is quite
clear to me that it will only be possible to sensibly handle macros
within a few points of the parser, but that's good enough for me. If
any statement could be a macro, that would open up some interesting
perspectives already. It would definitely allow for class syntaxes,
structural elements like a try-catch wrapper for the pcall mechanism,
and a bit more. Allowing for operator macros would open up a few more
interesting perspectives.

As for "the whole thing": Dylan shows quite well that it can be done
even for an algol-like syntax. I would not want to even come close to
that kind of complexity for lua, though.