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On Thursday 20 January 2005 09:44, skaller wrote:
> That is, you need to *schedule* coroutines that block,
> so they're resumed when blocking operations will not block.
> In other words you need to do just what an operating
> system does
... or is supposed to do.

If I get you right, however, you agree that doing this scheduling
oneself instead of using OS supplied threads is the way to go
(and you are doing it in felix)?

OS threads
(besides virtually every implementation being broken in some ways)
also have hefty limitations by design. One of them is stack usage with
a typical (although usually customizable) 8MB per thread out of 1G,
so you hit the roof at a mere 128 threads -- which is way to low for
many applications.

So everything is fine with non-blocking lua sockets and select,
isn't it?