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The posibility of a library or something else requiring modification to
the Lua core or to the interpreter executable has nothing to do with the
package proposal.

As you say yourself, this is more related to a building system.
Mike tried starting a thread on a building systems, but it didn't go
far (did you see it?). I think we should keep the topics separate.

I have no idea of how Python allows changes to the core interpreter
automatically, but I am listening. However, I don't agree with your
claim that this is a common need.

> To do sockets, you basically have to have threads
> to handle blocking/cancellation, and that intervenes
> in the core too if you do it right (so coroutines never
> block).

Not true. You should use non-blocking I/O and avoid blocking altogether.
I don't think you can cancel a blocked thread safely. On Windows at
least I read somewhere that it can be catastrophic...

> > LuaSocket, for instance, requires no such rebuild. It's a pure add-on lib
> > in C and Lua.
> And therefore probably doesn't work properly with threads
> and coroutines.

Not true either. Works fine with coroutines. Will work fine with threads
too as soon as LuaThreads is stable.