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So you use the Debug Interface Access SDK to get the function signatures from
the pdb files and generate the binding code automatically. That's pretty

Any plans to support C++ method calls? That would be awesome!

Ignacio Castaño

Thomas Tong <> wrote: 
> CPB is a simple, fast, and powerful binding library for LUA. Its goal is
> to allow seamless access to your C variables and functions from LUA with
> minimal effort.  CPB is integrated in to your program with exactly 1 line
> of C code.
>       luaopen_CPB(lua_State* L);
> Add in the CPB library code, recompile and you will then be able to access
> every C variable and function in your program from your LUA scripts. CPB
> offers several key features that differ from existing LUA all current
> binding libraries.
>     * CPB eliminates the need to maintain bindings in your code or in a
> configuration file. It figures everything out from your exe without
> requiring any modifications to existing code or creation of definition
> files.
>     * CPB works at run time on a binary level with your program.  It has
> access to everything in your executable. It doesn?t matter how few or
> many C variables and functions you want to export. Any additions and
> changes to your program are automatically handled.
>     * You have full control over what to expose to the script or not.
> Configure exactly what variables and function to bind from LUA by name
> with a single function.
>     * CPB is extremely fast and very memory efficient. Bindings are just
> in time compiled specifically for each function signature and only
> binding?s that are requested will be created
> You can get detailed information and a download for the library from here.
>  -- Only availabe for W32.
> Thomas

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