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CPB is a simple, fast, and powerful binding library for LUA. Its goal is
to allow seamless access to your C variables and functions from LUA with
minimal effort.  CPB is integrated in to your program with exactly 1 line
of C code.

      luaopen_CPB(lua_State* L);

Add in the CPB library code, recompile and you will then be able to access
every C variable and function in your program from your LUA scripts. CPB
offers several key features that differ from existing LUA all current
binding libraries.

    * CPB eliminates the need to maintain bindings in your code or in a
configuration file. It figures everything out from your exe without
requiring any modifications to existing code or creation of definition

    * CPB works at run time on a binary level with your program.  It has
access to everything in your executable. It doesn?t matter how few or
many C variables and functions you want to export. Any additions and
changes to your program are automatically handled.

    * You have full control over what to expose to the script or not.
Configure exactly what variables and function to bind from LUA by name
with a single function.

    * CPB is extremely fast and very memory efficient. Bindings are just
in time compiled specifically for each function signature and only
binding?s that are requested will be created

You can get detailed information and a download for the library from here.  -- Only availabe for W32.