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[in Jay's series of short flamebait messages, in which he isn't sure what he thinks, but knows life isn't as simple as the poster is claiming]

Klaus Ripke wrote:

``Real´´ OO languages do not have any concept of protected,
it's just a workaround as broken as e.g. C++ multiple inheritance.
It's like "which part of ``private´´ didn't you understand"?
A subclass is just a client like anything else, and there's
perfectly no reason why it should have special privileges.

Smalltalk-80 does not agree. I think your first sentence would communicate better with a different quoted qualifier, like "strict" or "minimalist" or "pedantic".

(All Smalltalk-80 methods are public, but all instance variables are protected. I can probably find or write a justification of why this makes sense in the Smalltalk world.)