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Vijay Aswadhati wrote:
> FWIW, count my voice as well speaking up for coroutines as a first class
> feature of the Lua language. And while at it, it would be super to include
> the work of (Mike Pall and Eric Jacobs) on this subject into the core
> language core as opposed to being a power patch.

Well, yes and no. I do not think that my proof-of-concept implementation
of true C coroutines with machine dependent stack switching is really
feasible. As I pointed out in another message I encountered too many
difficulties porting it and there are other issues, such as the stack
allocation problem.

However I would very much like to see something similar to Eric's approach
( ) in the Lua core.
I even thought about porting it to Lua 5.1 ...

But I'd like to have feedback from the Lua authors on this issue first.
It's very hard to maintain this as a separate patch, since it affects
many areas of the Lua core. Sooo ...

Is Eric's approach something you would like to incorporate into the Lua core?
If yes, is there anything that needs to be modified in your opinion?
Do you want us to port it to 5.1 or do you want to integrate it yourself?