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oh, come on. This discussion is not about persistence only. This is
about creating a ROADMAP of lua. A TODO of lua. Just what PHP 5 has
done in an overwhelming way to PHP. Upcoming Perl 6 and ParrotVM is
doing with Perl. VB.Net has done with VB. Jdk 1.5 has done with java.
This does not says that pull all those things to lua.
 This is to say that - After a period of stabilisation, there is a
need to get a vision of future for every language. This talk is about
that, what we should set our look upon. Just give ideas first, which
are in sync with lua phillosophy.
    What about annotations? This is a meta-mechanism , which is in
sync with lua philosophy. If lua core implements annotations. Then
atleast , say for example,i give a simple parametric annotations in my
lua code to mark it as two separate threads and implementator of this
annotation mechanism will generate the necessary code/bytecode. Game
developers will say scripters only to mark their lua code with some
special annotations and it will give the scripters a sigh of relief by
implementing many special things by a very least annotation markings.
   If one didn't want to compile annotations facility in lua core,
then he may optionally switch it of in the makefile (say).
    AGAIN, I just not wanted to say about getting all sort of rubbish
to be implemented in a such a small , sweet language. I did not wanted
to say about implementing only Persistence. I did not wanted to say
about implementing only annotations. I wanted ideas from u. From
Users. From Game developers. So that as a community we can freeze only
some minimum ideas/TODOs to enrich the lua core in next milstones ,
with only those ideas which fit into lua philosophy.
bye :-)
Ashish Ranjan
bye :-)