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On Friday 14 January 2005 06:12, Ashish Ranjan wrote:
> Just what PHP 5 has done in an overwhelming way to PHP.
I'm quite overwhelmed, waiting for a 5.3 or something to be
ready for use on our production sites mayby early 2007.

> Upcoming Perl 6 and ParrotVM is doing with Perl.
> VB.Net has done with VB. Jdk 1.5 has done with java.
and STL did to C++ and C99 did to C and you name it:
turning stable existing systems into new upgrade nightmares
for years to come.

> need to get a vision of future for every language.
I guess there is a pretty strong vision to just leave it alone?

But no: There is perfectly no need to ask
"what could be added and why not?" -- it's just the wrong question.
To the very contrary, in order to satisfy actual needs, proposals
have to be based on actual needs instead of random brainstorming.
As Mike noted, persistence is a non-issue with regard to the core,
and so are annotations and we can focus on implementation issues
like the GC instead.

What's really missing?