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While impatiently waiting for the mailman to deliver my coveted copy of Roberto's "Programming in Lua", I'm wondering if anyone could share their experience(s) building an "object model" on top of Lua? I'm looking for any pointers, references, papers, personal impressions, etc... basically anything related to that topic :)

I had a look at Lua's "Papers and theses" page [1], and while there is a lot of content there, a lot of it doesn't seem to be easily accessible... For example, I would love to get my hands on Roberto's "Building Flexible and Extensible Web Applications with Lua", but J.UCS is only available to subscribers. Furthermore, a lot of interesting looking papers, like the one at are in Postscript and the Mac OS X converter miserably fails to convert them to PDF. Sigh.

Anyway, any pointers, thoughts, opinions on the subject of "Object-Oriented Programming" in Lua very much welcome :)