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	Hi Alex,

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva wrote:
>       It seems that there is a bug in CGILua 5.0 beta 2. The variable
> cgilua.script_path is advertised as the path of the currently running
> script but evaluates to a boolean. cgilua.script_vpath is fine.
	script_path is initialized with false so the absolute path
of the script is obtained from PATH_TRANSLATED variable.  Variable
script_path could be redefined by the configuration file (cgilua/config.lua)
therefore CGILua could alter the server translation scheme.
	script_vpath is the virtual path (not the absolute path).

>       And I'd like to make a request to change the behaviour of the
> preprocess() function. Right now it always sends the text/html header
> before sending the processed Lua page. But this hurts HTTP redirects
> since a header was already sent. Attached there is a patch for CGILua,
> this patches it to only send the header just before the first static
> content is sent. This is somewhat like the way PHP works too, BTW.
	If I understand correctly, the problem is not with preprocess
function but with the htmlheader function that does not check if the
Content-type header was already sent, right?