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> For the sake of exactness, should the require() function in compat-5.1
> remove items from package.preload once they have been promoted to
> package.loaded status?

It is strange that two people would notice this. Is there any reason why
keeping the function in package.preload would be harmful? The only
problem I see is memory consumption because of a strong reference that
might prevent the collector from getting rid of it (and whatever it

For situations where this is an issue, the loader function itself could
remove the reference.

> Whilst this doesn't matter, given the way require() is implemented, it
> seems wrong that a library that is already loaded should still have its
> initialisation function in the "preload" table. Or is it envisaged that
> packages might get unloaded and reloaded later, or that they might
> get loaded more than once?

Seems to me like keeping the package.preload is the only way you can get
a fresh copy of a namespace table in a static setting. Cloning doesn't
work in some cases. Getting fresh copies of a namespace might be useful
for sandboxing purposes.

Then again, whenever this is important, the behavior could be reverted
back to the original.

In summary, it really doesn't seem to matter. :)