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ccos wrote:

for a nice portable soundfile library, you might also have a peak at libsndfile:

and by the same guy, secret rabbit code (libsamplerate):

and for portable audio i/o have a look at portaudio:

thanks. i've downloaded portaudio and libsndfile (required by portaudio) to look at. although cross-platform support is required (eventually), the question is this - is it better to

a) make a lua binding to an existing (x-platform) library, or

b) define a lua interface, and make a dedicated (simple) lua binding for each os as required.

option a) has a potential problem with library dependancies - luasound ver.x needs portaudio ver.y needs libsndfile ver.z ... but the code is out there and available.

option b) would give me what i want now, but
who does the other platforms ?
what goes in the interface ?

(why is it that "interesting" ideas come when you're already busy ?)