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for a nice portable soundfile library, you might also have a peak at libsndfile:

and by the same guy, secret rabbit code (libsamplerate):

and for portable audio i/o have a look at portaudio:

both small libs which do one thing and do them well, imho.
don't know if they'll do what you want though, i have no idea what "voip work" is.


On 08/01/2005, at 9:28 PM, Adrian Sietsma wrote:

Philippe Lhoste wrote:
Pure Win32 or portable to Linux that you mention above?

My initial desire is for a windows (.dll) library.
The question is : is it better to have cross-compilable c code,
or a defined ui / table structure, and dedicated platform libraries ?

a pure win32 binding is much simpler than piggybacking on a large OS multiplatform library, which still won't support (palm, ... device of choice, etc)

I have no experience with it, but I often see references to OpenAL for audio uses:

i'll take a peek. thanx