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Philippe Lhoste wrote:

Adrian Sietsma wrote:
i'm looking at doing some voip work (in windows), and thinking of lua...
(but that's some way off yet)

step 1: add a sound record/play library; has anyone done this ?

what i would like is feedback on posible uses / abstractions. i know Windows audio well, but not linux / unix.

i'm considering an abstration like io/file : off the cuff -

object =
object = sound.readfile(filename)



so :  what belongs to which level of abstraction ?

i aim to (eventually) build a basic win32 sound library.
it raises some interesting threading / callback issues too.

Pure Win32 or portable to Linux that you mention above?

I have no experience with it, but I often see references to OpenAL for audio uses:

I believe a Lua 4 binding was made within Yindo, but this project is outdated (as is Lua 4) and probably dead (lack of resources and time?), although the site <> is still alive. Too bad, it was interesting.

FMOD is also quite used, but not free for commercial use (which is fair, IMHO).

I didn't see Lua bindings for these in Freya <> uses FMOD, but through the Allegro library.

Erm, not FMOD, but DUMB: which is quite different...

That's funny, yesterday I took a look at the WiN32 API function mciSendString, thinking that binding this single function would add a whole world of multimedia to Lua (on Windows).

Philippe Lhoste
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