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> >>If you can't depend on having a linker on the target machine, yeah, 
> >>you're going to have to play around with libelf like lhf says.  But 
> >>just about everybody has a linker.
> >
> >
> >Not on Windows.
> Right.  I suppose you could package up mingw GNU ld into a 
> point-and-click tool.  But the context for this thread was "what can we 
> do for ELF?"

Wellllll, the question was mine: if you can bodge the binary data in 
resources in Windows, is there perchance a similar trick in ELF? (I'm not 
too fussed if there isn't.)

For a busy and malware-aggravated Windows admin, you have to agree that:


is a pretty tidy build command!