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>I've now a basic extension to srlua running which allows you to combine 
>multiple (lua-) files in one zip file and than start it as a standalone 

Great idea (if the amount the Lua code -- and you can precompile it, of 
course, to save space -- compresses is larger than the size of the 

Another way to do this on Windows would be to embed the "glued" codes
as resource entries (so they are inside the EXE proper) and then to UPX 
the whole file. (UPX is a run-time in-memory unpackaging system. Highly 
recommended to impress your friends when showing them how small your
Lua run-time is compared to their Perl or Python distro. The UPX 
decompressor is very small.)

Has anyone tried using UPX for this (and is there an analogous way to 
embed binary data into ELF binaries so that the original executable is 
unaffected but the embedded data in technically "inside" as far as 
exectuable packers are concerned)?