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On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Andre Carregal wrote:

It seems that there are quite a bunch of Wikis on the pipeline. May I ask
what syntaxes are being planned? Would it make any sense to try to use
similar ones?

I'm aware that Wiki architectures are very personal, but maybe some data
compatibility would be a plus, no? If that was true one could think as the
various Wikis available as different page generators for the same info

Here's a quick overview of my syntax:

    CamelCase internal links (modified to allow Jan2000, etc.)
    ''emphisis'' and '''strong emphisis'''
    [[double square brackets for monospace font,turns off other
    --- At start of line is a horizontal ruler
    * Lists are lines starting with * (bullet) or # (numbered)
    **# Nested lists okay
    [[[ at beginning of line starts a <pre> block ]]] at line start ends.
    !!Bangs at line start are headers (!=H1, !!=H2, !!!=H3, etc.)

Other than that the Wiki is pretty simple, template pages can be used but there's a simple default built in too. No search or page backup. Each page is a file with a .wiki extension. Pretty simple stuff really.

Wiki CGI source available on request.

You can try it out at

  - Tom Wrensch