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On Jan 06, 2005, at 16:04, Asko Kauppi wrote:

How about a 'decisions.txt' file included in the distribution? This would include short comments on things like this, to make clear something has been considered. Potentially, also a short solution s.a. yours could be included.

The website is too heavy & 'far away' for this, such a document should accompany the sources themselves imho. Note that it would be 'deep reading', not necessary for any newcomer but might be interesting nonetheless.

I think an appendix to the reference manual might be a good place for it. I usually use the online version of the reference manual, and don't consider the web too "far away".

On a tangent, some languages have a "IEEE annex" which explains how IEEE arithmetic is mapped into the language. It might be useful for Lua to have one. Is there any interest in me writing one?

David Jones