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How about a 'decisions.txt' file included in the distribution? This would include short comments on things like this, to make clear something has been considered. Potentially, also a short solution s.a. yours could be included.

The website is too heavy & 'far away' for this, such a document should accompany the sources themselves imho. Note that it would be 'deep reading', not necessary for any newcomer but might be interesting nonetheless.


6.1.2005 kello 17:37, Roberto Ierusalimschy kirjoitti:

An easy way to support -0 is to avoid the optimization when the value is
zero. I guess the fix would be simply the following:

-   if (e->k == VK && ttisnumber(&fs->f->k[e->info]))
+   if (e->k == VK && ttisnumber(&fs->f->k[e->info]) &&
+                     nvalue(&fs->f->k[e->info]) != 0)

(Untested code for Lua 5.0.2)

The question is whether we really should care about those details...

-- Roberto