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On Jan 05, 2005, at 20:05, Andre Carregal wrote:

Talking about this unfortunate JavaDoc style, perhaps you
might want to consider an, er, "alternative" format:

By "unfortunate JavaDoc style" you are referring to the in-source syntax of
JavaDoc or the its generated HTML pages?

Both. The format is very, er, "confused". The tags (aka doclets) are mostly useless for most practical purposes.

LuaDoc has a back end processor that extracts information from the source files, and a front end processor that generates a "static site" from the
extracted information.

Once you have the information structured in memory, you could generate lots of different "sites" from it. You could also generate PDF docs for example.

I couldn't find an example of DyDoc syntax (I'm assuming it is also
in-source based),

No. Source and documentation are keep separated. Documentation "stubs" are automatically generated based on runtime information. Then those stubs are use to populate the documentation content itself (e.g. the comments themselves). Think about it in terms of the "stubs" being equivalent to a header file with comments. The source code itself is left pristinely free of unnecessary clutter.

 but as far as I can see, a good templating scheme should
handle that formatting without much hassle.

Yes, that would be nice :)

Could you please elaborate a bit?