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Daniel Quintela wrote:
This library works with a standard Lua.
Yes, I know the Lua+Lib.dll is not a so standard naming convention.  :-)
I repacked the .tgz with a lua.exe and Lua+Lib.dll without strange dependencies. It is available at:

Hum, I tested this distribution (just drag'n'drop test.lua on your Lua.exe), it is quite strange:

I have a main window titled "Test installation", with a bitmap on the left, disabled Previous button, Next button and Cancel. But the right part is empty (white), and I have a console window, two small windows with empty title bar and no button.

If I hit the Next button, I have a window with read-only text area, and two windows reduced to their empty title bar (which I can move, unlike the two others). One window seems to sport an ultra-small component. I used CopyText to guess what it is (a button?) but it crashed Lua...

That's very strange. All the secondary windows are floating around outside the main wizard window... Does they miss a parent window handle?

All this on Win98SE.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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