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> Lua is not doing anything to trigger that behaviour, as far as I know.
> I would think that it is your C compiler setting the CPU's behaviour
> to C's standards. Since Lua does not actually care about denormalisation
> and precision (if you don't care), you should probably look for a
> compiler setting which turns that behaviour off. If you are lucky,
> you will find one.

I searched everywhere in the code and traced the problems to lua number
casts with certain number values.  I agree with you that it's likely it's a
setting somewhere, but using suggestions from this list and the compiler
support yielded no fix.  The problem only appears on Windows with Lua Number
changed to float.  Someday I'll find what's wrong.  I haven't tried work3
yet, but is the Lua Number definition easier than before?  In the current
Lua 5 I have to change numerous places to switch form double to float.