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"Cory Bloyd" wrote:
>   We are just starting to use Lua and it has been wonderful so far.  We
> currently have the runtime executing on five very different hardware
> platforms each with very different compilers without generating a single
> compiler warning.  So far we have not needed to modify a single line of
> the distributed code to accomplish our goals.  Lua is truly a great work
> of engineering!

Um, I won't argue that Lua is great because it is, but it doesn't compile on
any platform I know of without numerous warnings if you actually set the
compiler to verbose.  I would strongly suggest that you look at those
warnings across your platforms at least once before disabling them.  The
main issues are implicit type casting between double and float and long and
ints.  For example, on platforms like the PS2 you have to be really careful
that you don't accidentally enable emulated doubles.  Also, we have denormal
trouble on the PC when using Lua and DirectX together.  Each time a new Lua
is released we spend at least a full day fixing all the warnings.