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The point I had in mind was, is it really that necessary to standardize the module build system. I guess this is a question about Gentoo vs. Debian way of doing things, that is, should everything be "from source" or are "prebuilt binaries" a good thing. If prebuilt binaries, then I'd see the whole make standardization issue reduce in value. Please prove me wrong.

To me, the author builds the stuff, and module users would download prebuilt binaries (+ Lua wrappers etc.). Standardizing the installation/configuration issues, and making them interdistributional :) would be task enough.


If this msg was lacking focus, that's becouse my kid was sitting on my lap. Never post to a mailing list unless you're alone.. ;P (greetings from them!)

11.12.2004 kello 15:21, Klaus Ripke kirjoitti:


On Friday 10 December 2004 22:55, Asko Kauppi wrote:
Thanks for a very thorough analysis, but what exactly was the
problem..?  ;P

From ol' xmkmf up to Java's ant disaster, I see gross failures
due to misconceptions and lack of a clear, limited objective
(which is very un-lua :). Make's limitations are not a bug.

Given simple editable files with a set of variables,
"make config", "make menuconfig" or even "make guessconfig"
might be nice goodies for a quick start,
but no build must anyhow rely on such toolies.