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on 12/8/04 7:06 PM, Mark Stroetzel Glasberg at

> Hello all,
> I'm working on a document about the Lua architecture and I have
> two questions to ask:
> 1) Has any of you recently had to alter/read the Lua code and had
> difficulty understanding the code at some point? Which points are harder
> to understand and need some kind of description that is not in the manual
> or book?

The Lua code is documented in a very spare style, but I've found that for
the things I wanted to patch it hasn't been too hard to make sense of. That
being said, I've been interested in language implementations and garbage
collection for a long time and I have lots of experience diving into
unfamiliar codebases.

I guess what I'm saying is that though it would be nice to have more
information on the internals and in particular I would like more details on
the 5.1 GC so that I could better tune my code around it, I have been quite
impressed with the codebase as it stands. Lua isn't just a very nice
language, it's also a very well constructed implementation.