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7.12.2004 kello 11:46, Mike Pall kirjoitti:


Asko Kauppi wrote:
Anyhow, I do have a working loadlib.c for LuaX, that _could_ be used as
such with original Lua. I'll need to see what are the real differences
with w3 there.

I just took a peek at luaX-070/Sources/loadlib.c and I guess it could be
used with only a few modifications (provided that you donate the code
to the Lua core under the Lua license?).

That code (all of Sources/*) already is under Zlib/Lua4 license. Doing it MIT (Lua5) is quite okay, and since it's really a modified/patched Lua loadlib.c to begin with, I don't even feel like being an author there. :)

If the Lua authors were to approve, there's some WinCE fixes pending. Otherwise, that version is good to go.

And yes, you're right: OS X 'bundles' is what you want to have.

Thank you for clearing this up.

To make it more confusing.. bundle libraries normally have a ".dylib"
extention just as regular libraries do, although they could have any
other s.a. ".lux".

I think the established convention for most cross-platform packages that need shared libraries is to use ".so" even on Mac OS X. That way we don't have to provide yet another variant of the package path in luaconf.h ...

BTW: I hope /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/?.so is acceptable on Mac OS X, too?

Hmm.. yes, why not. It's where your stuff goes if you build it manually. Fink (nice cmdline package manager, like apt-get) uses '/sw/...' and OS X itself the normal (/bin, /usr/bin etc.).

Still, I'd place shared objects under /usr/local/share/.

BTW#2: Anyone has any objections against dropping
         /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/lib?.so    (note the "lib?.so")
       from the C package path (for POSIX)? I think a single convention
       for naming the library file should suffice.