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> Roberto will post a message summarizing the changes in this version.

Here it goes.

- complete implementation of the new package system.

- better support for 64-bit machines (special thanks to Mike Pall).

- initial loadlib support for Mac OS X (thanks to Matthew Cox).

- some changes in the garbage collector: The "stepmul" parameter
can be changed (collectgarbage("setstepmul", newvalue) or lua_gc(L,
LUA_GCSETSTEPMUL, newvalue)). Also, there is an option that should
make the GC behave as in 5.0 (that is, non incremental), except
that it doesn't. Any help to find out what is going on is more than
welcome. (The option is set by collectgarbage("setincmode", 0) or
lua_gc(L, LUA_GCSETINCMODE, 0).)

- several other small changes that I cannot remember right now (such
as luaL_setfield/getfield).

-- Roberto