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Hi all,
 Actually i was also wondering since last epoch that
why such a nice language can not have atleast a syntax
for specifying data in the script itself
   Data like Basic will be very good, as already
suggested. But i was thinking on the lines of shell
scripts, like in the shell script itself we can
specify the output to file very easily. This is very
very handy in case of putting very large files very
easily inside the shell script. Can this kind of thing
not be integrated into lua script core. When so many
syntactic sugar has been added to lua, then this kind
of general necessity of having data (like Basic) or
text (like shell script) embedded easily into program
, for such a  great configuration and data
manipulation language (lua) will be great

   # Author:Ashish Ranjan
   cat << EOF
     Just some sample text included in the script
file, this can be a shell script, or anything else.
   exec /usr/local/bin/test2

bye :-)

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