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Ah, of course... you know this, but for others, here's the change:

change line 224 of wsocket.c in function sock_sendto() from:

        int put = send(*ps, data, (int) count, 0);


        int put = sendto(*ps, data, (int) count, 0, addr, len);

Thanks for catching this!


On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 03:06:51 -0500 (EST), Diego Nehab
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Okay... I spent a few minutes tracing things, but need some guidance...
> >
> > It looks like the send() (in wsocket.c::sock_sendto()) fails with a
> > WSAEWOULDBLOCK error. Anyone savvy to why this is happening?
> Turns out that, due to cut and paste, wsocket.c:sock_sendto was calling
> send instead of sendto. :)
> []s,
> Diego.

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