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> after a really nice discussion on irc:// I'd like 
> to present my view on this topic in a more "conserving" medium than an 
> IRC session.
> We discussed how to append things to an array and how to get the length 
> of an array.
> My approach is a bit broader and comes from the Ada programming 
> language. I'd like to add some "attributes" to each value. These 
> attributes represent meta-data about the values, such as the type or a 
> table's size.

Woa, looks like I missed something important on #lua, I'll have to
read the log :) My first feeling is that this is a great idea, but a
simple question pointed out to my mind : when will I need this ? My
Lua experience is very poor, but as far as I can remember of my little
code snippets, I never feel the need for these.

But anyway, it may be usefull to some of the Lua users.

> [... lua attributes ...]

I fully agree with all your propositions. Great job. Hope all this
will be available soon :)

- Sam
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