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On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 21:18 -0600, Joshua Jensen wrote:
> > and Arch is the perfect match for lua!  small, modern, turn 
> > the assumptions upside-down, etc
> Last I read, Arch's Windows support was flaky at best.  I'm not going to get
> into an OS discussion, but having full Windows support on Lua's source
> control patch system is a huge deal.  I would be sad to see a Unix-only
> solution to this.

The 'tla' implementation of arch indeed has windows issues. Until such a
time as there is an arch implementation which makes it safe for windows
users; there is nothing stopping someone else providing the same sort of
service in a different version control system.

The reason I suggested arch is because it provides a set of
functionality which I and several other people are interested in. It is
also gaining significant traction within the open-source community and
has a lot of time and effort invested in getting it better.

Also we can trivially mirror into a read-only CVS or something; and I am
not proposing to replace the tarball delivery mechanism currently in
place because that would be plain silly.


Daniel Silverstone               
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