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On Fri Oct 29, 2004 at 11:54:26 +0100, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
>The Lua community does seem very fond of creating patches to do various
>things to Lua in domain-specific areas which are subsequently offered to
>others; often in the form of plain-old-diff files.
>The Lua-users Wiki has a good example of this -- namely the PowerPatches
>GNU Arch is a powerful change management system. It's not desperately
>user-friendly (In fact, in some ways it's downright unfriendly) but it
>does have the rather nice feature that it is designed to allow for
>cherry-picked patching in a safe way.
>I am proposing to maintain a "canonical" lua tree in GNU Arch which will
>provide therefore globally unique "ids" for all the files in the lua
>What this means is that if everyone 'tags' (branches) off the central
>repository for doing their own patches, then we can all cherry-pick and
>share patches without worrying about issues like "do I already have this

Works for me. I already maintain my own canonical branch and have my own
actual branch with changes tagged of that. So yeah, I'd definately be 
patching of an official one if it existing.