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The Lua community does seem very fond of creating patches to do various
things to Lua in domain-specific areas which are subsequently offered to
others; often in the form of plain-old-diff files.

The Lua-users Wiki has a good example of this -- namely the PowerPatches

GNU Arch is a powerful change management system. It's not desperately
user-friendly (In fact, in some ways it's downright unfriendly) but it
does have the rather nice feature that it is designed to allow for
cherry-picked patching in a safe way.

I am proposing to maintain a "canonical" lua tree in GNU Arch which will
provide therefore globally unique "ids" for all the files in the lua

What this means is that if everyone 'tags' (branches) off the central
repository for doing their own patches, then we can all cherry-pick and
share patches without worrying about issues like "do I already have this

If this sort of thing interests the community then I will (at least to
begin with) put the archive up on my website. If the Lua team themselves
are interested; then I can offer to maintain the archive on

Personally I'll be using GNU Arch to maintain the debian packages of Lua
(assuming I continue with the maintainance of them) and also to maintain
the apps I have in the pipeline which build on top of Lua and thus could
do with sharing bugfixes and patches :-)

Please respond on-list rather than directly to me; so that we can all
see if there's any interest. If there isn't; then I'll slink back into
my hole and carry on but in a personal archive rather than a public
published one.


Daniel Silverstone               
PGP mail accepted and encouraged.            Key Id: 2BC8 4016 2068 7895