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I got the latest luarc from subversion, and I'm getting 100% repeatable assert fails in various gc-related functions. Manually invoking collectgarbage() greatly increases the likelihood of a crash.
Anyhoo, I can try and whittle it down to a minimal test case.
Disclaimer: I'm new to lua, so there's a definite possibility that my glue code is doing something dumb.

Mike F

Joshua Jensen wrote:

Mike Ferenduros wrote:
I'm having some stability problems with it though - is
there a newer
version floating around?
(me too) - the SVN version doesn't seem to have been updated in a month (not that regular lua releases are more frequent

That's because no further issues (that have been reproducible) have been
reported in a month.  :)  The last check-ins actually fixed a bunch of __gc
and stack cleanup issues.  There may be more, of course, but until I have a
repro, it's hard to fix them... ;)

:)). Perhaps luarc has been deprecated in favour of similar support in LuaPlus (which would be a bit of a shame).

Ref counting updates are always made to LuaRC first and then migrated to
LuaPlus.  So there aren't any worries there.