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Other than the typical memory bugs (buffer overruns, accessing freed
memory, invalid pointers, etc.) there are potential memory pitfalls when
linking to the Lua libs via a DLL.

If you are using linking with Lua DLLs search the archives for similar

If not, then try enabling memory debugging facilities in your compiler.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: 
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> Nils Wogatzky
> Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 6:13 PM
> To: Lua-MailingList
> Subject: Serious (unreproducable) Problems
> Hi, I´m new to this list
> and I´m quite new to LUA.
> I have got the following problem:
> I have defined some Functions in my C++ - Application
> which can be called out of a LUA-Script.
> Most time it works great.
> But sometimes my whole Application quits.
> I already tried to debug, but in Debug-Mode everything works fine.
> At least when I just cut-out or change the position of some 
> lines in my script
> my application works again.
> This makes no sense, because it already did work well,
> why should i change the position of those Calls ?
> Do I have some trouble with LUA or with my use of memory ? ;-)
> (I use a "Hashtable"-Template in my Application which aquires 
> dynamically memory
> when adding a new Item)
> Nils