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On 14-Oct-04, at 2:39 PM, Tom Spilman wrote:

I was considering hashes, but doesn't Lua internally keep a hashed version of the string? Is there a way to get to that? Or can I count on the const char pointer returned from lua_tostring to be the same for the same strings (this sounds really hacky)? As it is now my innermost scripted loops are doing string compares at the binding layer which makes them less efficient
than they could be with a good hash.

You can count on the char pointer to be the same provided the string never gets garbage collected. (i.e., if you keep a reference to the string somewhere.)

In that case, though, you might as well use the Lua string itself as a key into a table whose values are, for example, a structure of getter and setter functions for that key.

(Remember that technically function pointers cannot be cast to void* but a struct whose members are function pointers can.)