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I'm not sure how to go about this. I've created a userdata type based
on the code in PiL, which has a metatable with '__gc', '__tostring',
etc. metamethods and they all work fine. I can add  method functiosn
to that table as well, i.e. 'move', 'setpos', etc. But I can't then
use 'normal' table access. If I write an '__index' function which
returns x, and y positions, etc. I can no longer use my 'move'
methods, as my __index function catches it first.

To make things clearer; I want to be able to do things like:

spr = newsprite();	--> Creates new userdata
spr:move(10, 10);	--> Updates the internal x & y values.
print(spr.x);       --> 10
spr.y = spr.y + 10;	--> the y value in the userdata is set to 20
spr:paint();		--> Draw the sprite at its internal x,y position

Could anybody show me how to do this? Or let me know it isn't possible :)