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Reordered questions/answers...

> 13.10.2004 kello 10:26, <> kirjoitti:
>> 1. Lumikki seems to be an interesting project, but have you analysed
>> any other software with similar goals? There is an AFT (Almost Free
>> Text) which is like Lumikki but uses a more clean (IMHO) syntax (no
>> HTML tags at all). Zope project has "Structured Text" subsystem for
>> same purpose. And Wiki markup language... Not sure, but sometimes it
>> is better not to invent bycicle ;).

Yes, but they don't use Lua...

>> 2. Why "<@TAG params>"? Ok, it's like HTML but also tedious - "<" and
>> ">" are entered with shift... IMHO "[TAG params]" is better because no
>> shift needed and difference from HTML makes source more readable.
>> Well, there could be even better ways:
>> what about just "TAG{params}" (shift again, but so familiar... :))?

Don't forget international users. On French keyboard (AZERTY), all these keys are equally tedious to type: AltGr + key... A good system is a flexible system, allowing arbitrary markup signs (start/end string).

I will take a new glance at Lumikki, now it matured ;-) And perhaps add some wanted features.

Asko Kauppi wrote:
I did consider LaTex and some others. My personal itch really is, creating PDF or RTF files on the Mac (for documentation) is a breeze but neither of these formats are very well embraced by the multi-os community (= Linux users, mainly :)

Maybe someday I will convert a PHP library for creating PDF documents (FPDF) to Lua, both for ease of use, and to improve my PHP skills.
I fear it is low in my priority, currently.

So, in order to do HTML output, I created Lumikki. I don't want to do daily work on (too) many syntaxes, so having Lua + HTML was a relief for me. This is the same approach I've taken with Hamster (Lua + make).

Now that I have used Lumikki (as a user) for some weeks, I really think the HTML/Lua merger is a Good Choice. There's many things you can fine tune in HTML, and there Lumikki stands not on your way. Let's say, you can yourself decide where the borderline between the two goes.

<@TAG ...> syntax is used because of syntax highlighting.

For your editor...

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