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For now i know there is a modular livecd distro Morphix (variation of Knoppix, Debian based) and livecd FreeBSD distro Frenzy. 
Each of them can be used as starting point because both offer build scripts for customization. 

I welcome any help and directions, because i'm NOT an expert in Linux/BSD.

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>Hello to all!
>What do you think of special simplified-scaled-down-etc livecd Linux (or FreeBSD) distribution including most modern Lua(Cheia) and all libs needed for it (I mean all those "standard" LuaCheia modules)? 
Linux/FreeBSD could be a building option.

>1. A ticket for newbies into the "World of Free Software development". 
>3. Kind of Lua propaganda ;)
>4. Education environment (computer science for elementary school ;)
>5. Friendly sandbox for developers (no need to install anything)
>Also Lua can be used by this distribution itself. The tomsrtbt one-diskette distribution heavily uses Lua to supply user with many tools, which otherwise do not fit into limited size of diskette.
There are another environments where a bootable/scriptable system is 
welcome also. I think many people here can add items to your list.
If scripts can be dynamically downloaded: better.