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Hi Andre,

I agree with almost every suggestion you make.
But as you say it's a little oriented to UNIX-like systems.

In Windows I like to build import libraries for DLLs, instead of relying on
.def files.
Theses import libraries have the .lib extension.
So how do we name the static libraries? Every static library is prefixed
with "lib".

lua.dll (lua core dll)
lua.lib (lua.dll import library)
liblua.lib (lua core static library)

lualib.dll (lua standard library dll)
lualib.lib (lualib.dll import library)
liblualib.lib (lua standard library static library)

Besides, every library has a "debug" version (with debug info and without
optimization) and a "release" version (without debug info and with
optimization). The debug versions are suffixed with a "d".
So I also have:

luad.dll (lua core dll)
luad.lib (lua.dll import library)
libluad.lib (lua core static library)

lualibd.dll (lua standard library dll)
lualibd.lib (lualib.dll import library)
liblualibd.lib (lua standard library static library)

-- Danilo

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> Subject: Packaging Lua libraries
> Hello
> One of the problems that I believe Lua users have (specially 
> people new to the language) is when they need to use 
> third-party libraries. IMHO, there's a need for some 
> standardization regarding the packaging of those libraries, 
> when it comes to installation paths, file names, etc.
> I have set up at [1] a small list of points that I believe 
> would contribute to the standardization of the packaging of 
> third-party libraries.
> Please don't think these are rules I am trying to enforce to 
> library writers. This is just meant as a starting point for a 
> debate which I believe would be beneficial to the Lua 
> community in general, and the suggestions listed there can 
> (and will) be changed according to the community's point of 
> view and feedback.
> Best regards,
> Andre
> [1]
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