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Hi Danilo

The questions below will show my complete lack of Windows knowledge :)

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 10:31, Danilo Tuler wrote:
> lua.dll (lua core dll)
> lua.lib (lua.dll import library)
> liblua.lib (lua core static library)
> lualib.dll (lua standard library dll)
> lualib.lib (lualib.dll import library)
> liblualib.lib (lua standard library static library)

Is this a convention you follow yourself, or is it the usual way people
name their libs on Windows? Isn't there a file extension that is used
for static libraries, like ".a" on UNIX?

Also, on other scripting languages installed on Windows, what are the
usual names for the library files? I believe we could model 3rd party
library file names after those used by other languages.


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