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At 10:24 AM 3/19/2004, you wrote:
The problem IS that SDL_Event was binded as a struct ! And in the real code
(SDL is a C library) the management of the SDL_Event type was made with
implicit assertions about its "union nature". Now that it is binded as a
struct, the fields which would have been are not updated anymore !

Yes they are.. the only reason why the union is binded as a struct is so that you can access the fields of the union from lua.. if you look a the code generated by tolua, you'll see that when you call 'e.type' the code is accessing 'e->type'.. tolua doesn't know/care whether those fields are in the same memory address or not.. The example you mention should look like this on lua:

if e.type == SDL_KEYDOWN or e.type == SDL_KEYUP then

the actual problem will be that, because of a known bug, tolua++ (and tolua5) will assume that 'e.key' inherits from 'e', and will change to type of 'e' to 'e.key' after you access e.key.. That may limit the direct use of unions that contain usertype fields..