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tolua++ doesn't force you to use c++, you can parse/bind C code with it.. Also, unions usually work OK when binded as structs (or left out of the union block, when it's anonymous), why do you want to change it to union?


At 04:18 PM 3/17/2004, you wrote:
The problem is that I don't want to complexify the project by using
SDL + SDL -> C++ wrappers + tolua ++ + lua
instead of SDL + tolua + lua.

Eventually if the problem cannot be solved, than I will really consider it
as a solution.

Nick Trout wrote:

>> Although I tried many times already, I cannot get into contact with
> the
>> toLua maintainer whose identity I am not sure of.
> Tolua is no longer maintained. Try using tolua++. You can find a link
> off the wiki addons.
> Nick