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I understand that lua functions don't have names and that lua_getinfo() is just running a series of (possibly expensive) searches to find a "reasonable" name for the current function... for example, search the environment for a key whose value is the current function, etc. But sometimes lua_getinfo() is returning nil for the name when I would have expected it to be able to guess the name. When the function is called as an upvalue for example. Here is a simplified version of what I am seeing:

local function foo()
my_dump_lua_stack_in_C() -- should print the name of this function as "foo"
	return 42

local function bar()
	return foo() -- can call "foo", because foo is an upvalue here

-- export bar somehow and somebody calls it

Is my understanding correct that lua_getinfo(L,"n",&ar) does not look at the previous stack frame's upvalues when guessing a "name" for the function? If so, is there any reason why not? Is the previous activation record not easily findable from inside lua_getinfo()?

My workaround for this will be to query the calling 'ar' myself and search the named upvals (if getinfo fails to find the name through the normal mechanism). Is there any reason why this is a bad idea?

Tim Gogolin