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Easy version: there is now just one lua-mode.el. It supports Lua 5, it
works on GNU Emacs >= 20.7 and XEmacs >= 21.1, and can be byte-compiled.

Complicated version:

While trawling through the Wiki I noticed that there were three different
versions of lua-mode.el linked to. Since I've been using the second one
(with Lua 5 support) since before the release of Lua 5 on both XEmacs and
FSF Emacs, and since the third version is just the second with some code
reordered in order to make byte compilation work, I've copied the third
version over the first on the Wiki with the one minor change that the
default path to the Lua binary is now the more useful /usr/bin/lua,
removed the second, and left only one link.

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