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On Mar 02, 2004 at 12:10 +0200, Serge Semashko wrote:
> It would be much better to make a decision about standard lua5 ABI and 
> post it as a new LTN. That should explain how dlls (and .so files) are 
> named, which functions they export and in which order they should be 
> called to load a new binary module.
> Something like but for lua5
> By the way, luacheia team has some experience in making support for 
> different binary modules with lua, so they can make initial version of 
> this document

That's a good idea.  I'll try to cook up a draft.

> I don't use luacheia5.exe as I want to be able to use a set of other 
> patches (continue keyword support and support for hextradecimal
> constants).

In the CVS version, we have changed the launch model of luacheia so
that luacheia5.exe is just a tiny launcher app, that sets some
environment variables and calls a standard external lua5.exe with a
bootscript.  So you can replace the supplied lua5.exe with a modified
version, and all the luacheia features should still work.

One of these days we'll package a tarball and binary release...

> I would propose to replace ".dll" extension to ".so" for lua5 binary 
> modules, so scripts can be used unmodified both in windows and linux.
> Also, as you see, initialization of these two libraries is a bit 
> different now, I would like to see some convention about naming loadable 
> module entry point functions and a common way of additional libraries 
> namespaces initialization.

These are the kinds of things luacheia is meant to standardize; I'll
try to include the key ones in this contemplated LTN draft.

Thatcher Ulrich