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Serge Semashko wrote:

I would propose to replace ".dll" extension to ".so" for lua5 binary modules, so scripts can be used unmodified both in windows and linux.

we discussed this long for LuaCheia, but finally some plattform specific problem canceled the idea. We went for the 'abstraction' path, hiding the platform specific DLL names behind a special loader function.

Another point about naming all DLL '.so' on every platform is this: Naming them platform-specific makes it far easier to manage/inspect/etc them with the platforms own tools... imaging simply the 'properties' tab of the Windows explorer that will happily show version-info etc for a *.dll but will know next to nothing of how to deal with ah *.so file.

We concluded to let the binary part be platform specific (the platform in question might not even do DLLs in a similar way etc.) and rather have an abstraction layer.